1stInternational Conference
REENVISIONING ECONOMIES:Inclusive Growth & Sustainability
20th - 21st December, 2016 (Tuesday - Wednesday)


Selection of papers for presentation will be based on detailed abstracts of maximum 250 words. Abstracts must include a clear indication of purpose of research, methodology, major results and implication and should be sent through email. The author(s) should clearly mention under what category of the conference, the paper is to be included. They should adhere to the following:

Title page:
Key Words:
Max. Length:
Title, Author(s), College, Name and Address, Contact Details etc.
200-250 Words
Maximum four words
2000-3000 words excluding title/cover page and references
2.5cm of 1 inch on all sides
Times New Roman, 12 Points, Regular
1.5 Spacing

The paper should have the following format:

  • Introduction
  • Review of Literature
  • Objective Of Research Work
  • Methodology
  • Main Text And Finding
  • Conclusion
  • Reference