1stInternational Conference
REENVISIONING ECONOMIES:Inclusive Growth & Sustainability
20th - 21st December, 2016 (Tuesday - Wednesday)


St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur, in its pursuit of excellence in higher education, is organizing its "1st International Conference" on the theme of REENVISIONING ECONOMIES: Inclusive Growth & Sustainability. We solicit research papers from scholars and thinkers alike, from across the country to make this endeavor a tool to support in revolutionizing India. This would create an opportunity to understand and exchange views to facilitate better perspective enabling us to bring forth development and address emerging challenges.

Conference Objective

The main aim of this conference is to provide an open, multi- disciplinary platform for thinkers, academicians, national and international scientists, economists, business leaders, politicians and social activists to debate and share their thoughts, ideas, views and address the challenges faced by India on the topic “REENVISIONING ECONOMIES: Inclusive Growth & Sustainability” The objective of the conference is to connect and share thoughts, experiences and learning to support in revolutionizing India. The programme will include keynote addresses, panel discussions by leading experts, presentations by researchers and practitioners, informal conversations and dialogues for mutual enrichment.

Conference Sub-themes

Abstracts/Full papers of original and unpublished research work based on extensive case studies and analysis of best practices in the form of empirical and analytical research are invited from Academicians, Counselors, Management Practitioners, Policy Makers and Research Scholars from all over the country. The conference will be divided into four technical sessions upon the following sub themes.

National Conference'15 Poster Inclusive Growth
  1. Banks & Social responsible investments
  2. Skilling India for global competitiveness
  3. Industries & Global Warming
  4. Globalization of Economies : Issues & Challenges
  5. Strategic Business sustainability
The Boon -Human Capital
  1. Creating connections- A tool for achieving excellence
  2. Entrepreneurship development- A drive for sustainable growth
  3. E- HRM - Best & Next HR Practices
  4. Empirical research in the field of Marketing
Innovating ‘Innovation’
  1. Innovation in financial dimensions
  2. Emerging Innovative trends in marketing strategies
  3. Small Modulation Big Revolution
  4. Innovating Banking Practices
  5. Behavioral Finance- Emerging dimensions
Digital India
  1. Technology, Innovation & Diffusion
  2. Digital Lockers- Role of e- lockers
  3. Social Media: Blooming Effect
  4. Leveraging digital skills for Innovation in Society

Note:The conference is open for other relevant subjects, and is not confined to the above-mentioned topics. However, all papers/articles should contribute to the central theme of the conference.