1stInternational Conference
REENVISIONING ECONOMIES:Inclusive Growth & Sustainability
20th - 21st December, 2016 (Tuesday - Wednesday)

A Scholastic Endeavor by:
St. Xavier’s College
Hathroi Fort Road, Jaipur 302001, (Rajasthan)
Phone No: 0141-2371290, 2370296
Website: www.stxaviersjaipur.org

About Our Institution

St. Xavier's College, Jaipur

The Jaipur Xavier Educational Association (J.X.E.A.) was established in 1950, as a trust managed by the Jesuits. In 2006, the Xavier’s Vocational Institute (X.V.I.) was started in Jaipur to impart vocational training to the weaker sections of the society. In 2010, the J.X.E.A. in collaboration with Xavier Alumni and the well-wishers of Jaipur took the lead in the "higher education programme" by starting St. Xavier’s College, Jaipur. It is affiliated to the University of Rajasthan. It is established and maintained by members of the Delhi province of the Society of Jesus. St. Xavier’s College, is a Jesuit Institution of Higher learning and draws its inspiration from Christ’s teaching of love and service. We believe that by programming the growth of the student in an intellectual, moral and social ambience of excellence, we shall form confident men and women committed to the promotion of human world. St.Xavier's, Jaipur has been making rapid strides in its pursuit of excellence at par with other Jesuit institutions of higher learning, since its inception. The skills and knowledge that are needed in the 21st century in the global context are being imparted with broad-based academic curriculum.


National Conference'15

The conference aims to explore the paradigms of national and international commercial development and thereby seek solutions to augment India’s efforts towards inclusive growth and sustainability. The conference is a much needed platform to voice and confront the duality in India’s demographic fabric. The rise is literacy levels do not necessarily correspond with employability, leading to the creation of a largely untrained, unskilled and unemployable conglomerate. This puts the focus on the equation between real-life/real-time learning and theoretical know-how and seeks to reach a symbiotic point of exchange, which shall enable India to navigate through the thin ice that it currently stands on. Academic dialogue and debate are an important means of converting demographic challenges into demographic dividends which will have positive reverberations for the India of tomorrow. The Conference will feature discussions and knowledge sessions on key developments in the field of Commerce, Management, Computer Application and Economics, with the basic objective of highlighting the practical implementation of theories taught in the classroom. The conference is an effort to re-evaluate and re-assess India’s financial growth patterns and offer prismatic readings of the possibilities of a non-conventional approach, which can bridge the chasm between the center and the margins of the contemporary world.