We are seeking research papers from scholars, academicians, intellectuals, artists, writers, bloggers, politicians, people from the corporate world, media personnel, social activists and thinkers alike, from across the world to debate over this quest for identity, being and (be)longing.


(but not limited to)

  1. Emotions and Identity: The Written and the Unwritten
  2. Emotional Identity: An Advantage or a Setback
  3. Speaking from the Margins: Making Presence Felt
  4. (Re)Creating Identity: Through the Arts
  5. Identity and Travel: The Onlooker and the Object
  6. Preserving Fading Identity: Memoirs, Letters and Diaries
  7. Shame and Violence: Suppressing/ Imposing Identity
  8. Spaces in Literature and Identity
  9. Centre Versus Periphery: The Flux of Identity
  10. Crafting Identity: Biography and Autobiography
  11. Identity Crisis in the Postmodern World
  12. Emphasizing Identity through Language and Literature
  13. False Identities in Literature and Language
  14. Stereotypes and Identities: Making and Breaking
  15. Common Identity Versus Individual Identity
  16. Corporate Writing for Identity
  17. Cyber Identity: Through the Web World